Well-Made Chasabal?

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A story about Chasabal
Mungyeong Tourism

A story about Chasabal

Well-Made Chasabal?

Experience traditional Korean ceramics in Mungyeong City, a place of tea cups.

Firstly, well-made Chasabal has to maintain formative beauty. Formative beauty is what is sensed first visually.

Secondly, well-made Chasabal has to be practically useful Chasabal has to be functional for convenient tea drinking. When stirring powder tea with a tea brush and drinking tea, Chasabal should cause no inconvenience. The size of Chasabal should be appropriate, and Chasabal should be neither too heavy nor too light compared with its size. Chasabl should not be too hot to hold,

Thirdly, well-made Chasabal has to keep its color and glazing excellently.

When its glaze material does not melt well enough, or the glaze material melts so much that it volatilizes, Chasabl is not well made. The surface texture of Chasabal depends on its original clay and glaze, but the color of Chasabal is affected by glaze firing, which helps the nature of the clay appear. The coloring and glazing of Chasabal are completed when the artisan adjusts the temperature of a kiln. Chasabal making is representation of the soul of the artisan through his or her ceramic ware.

Well-made Chasabal should have formative beauty, feel pleasant, and be stable. Its color should be clear with good glaze melting, and its size should be appropriate, so it should not cause inconvenience when stirring powder tea and drinking tea. Clay appropriate for the kinds of tea cups should be used, and the foot size of a tea cup should be in harmony. Well-made Chasabal has to maintain many other points to be enjoyed.

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