A Mangdaengi Kiln

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A story about Chasabal

A Mangdaengi Kiln

Experience traditional Korean ceramics in Mungyeong City, a place of tea cups.

A Mangdaengi Kiln
Mangdaengi is a cone-shaped clay brick whose diameter is 13cm and whose length is 25cm. Mangdaengi bricks are fire-resistant and used to make the upper part of a kiln round. A Mangdaengi kiln is composed of five to six domed rooms which are connected side by side. The rooms become larger and larger as they are located farther from the entrance of a kiln. Though it is possible for a kiln to be located on a plain, it is most ideal for a kiln to be located on a 15° slope. There are various facilities around a kiln such as a workhouse, a treadmill, a hole for settling clay sediment, a clay refinery, and a household.

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망댕이가마 배치도

In Gwaneum village of Mungywong-eup, there still remains the oldest Mangdaengi kiln in Korea that was made in 1843. A Mangdaengi kiln is well insulated, and a variety of flame movements and delicate changes in temperature within the kiln create the distinctive colors and patterns of Mungyeong ceramic ware

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