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Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Logo)Selected by the MCST
Korea’s Representative Festival

A story about Chasabal
Mungyeong Tourism

Festival Information

Ticket Information

Experience traditional Korean ceramics in Mungyeong City, a place of tea cups.

Enjoy interesting and solid events!

Admission Fee
Section Fee Range/note
age 14 to 64 2,000won Born in 1955 ~ 2006
Exemption from Admission Fee
  • National guests, diplomatic delegation, and their suite attendants
  • Persons of merit and their families who are acknowledged by the laws such as ‘Law for Respectful Treatment and Support of Persons of National Merit’, ‘Law for Respectful Treatment of Independence Patriots’, or ‘Law regarding Respectful Treatment of Meritorious War Participants and Organization Establishment’
  • The handicapped of level one to three to whom ‘the Law for the Handicapped’ is applied, and their accompanying protectors
  • Those on public duty
  • Children aged 6 or less and the elderly aged 65 or more
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