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Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Logo)Selected as the Best Festival in 2018 by the MCST,Sports and Tourism!!!

A story about Chasabal
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Experience traditional Korean ceramics in Mungyeong City, a place of tea cups.

Photo of Chadamyi’s Adventure
Chadamyi’s Adventure
  • Date 2018. April 29th(Sat.) - May 7th(Sun.)
  • Place experience zone
  • Summary
    A souvenir will be given to you when you solve questions hidden here and there in the festival venue via Mungyeong Festival app, and complete the mission by finding Uncle Mangtae.

    Fee: free
Photo of Festival Postscript Contest
Festival Postscript Contest
  • Date 2018. April. 29(Sat) ~ May. 7(Sun)
  • Summary
    - Access to the home page and write your comments on the Festival.
    - Please make the Mungyeong Traditional CHASABAL Festival known widely by linking festival photos to your blog.
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